Italian delicatessen

the products of our tradition

The products of Salumificio Pavarotti are born from the passion for the great quality delicatessen of the Emilian tradition. This is why all our cooked hams , cooked shoulders as well as preparations for the gastronomy and catering sectors and are processed starting only from the best raw materials, with traditional methods and cutting-edge production lines.

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Ham and Shoulder

The heart of Salumificio Pavarotti's tradition: cooked hams and shoulders made according to our original recipes. Excellent quality for each type of product.

Mortadella and Pancetta

The Mortadella and Pancetta line by Salumificio Pavarotti brings to the table two timeless classics from the best Italian and regional delicatessen.


The experience of Salumificio Pavarotti's master butchers at the service of a line of gastronomic preparations with uncompromising taste and quality

Salame Strolghino Pavarotti

The Strolghino Pavarotti line was created to offer a true specialty of the best Emilian charcuterie tradition. Lean and delicate meat from the thigh of selected pigs.


The high quality of Salumificio Pavarotti's raw materials and processing dedicated to a new line of ready-to-eat products, in the Business and B2C versions

Food service

Food service è la linea di prodotti di Salumificio Pavarotti dedicati al mondo della ristorazione e del settore alimentare. La qualità e il gusto della tradizione incontrano le esigenze dei professionisti e dell’industria.

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