Gran Cotto Pavarotti

Thigh of Italian pork, branded PP, flavored with a very delicate brine and expertly cooked with steam in the typical hexagon mold.

The top quality by Pavarotti.

The Grancotto Pavarotti is the flagship ham of Salumificio Pavarotti. It is a high quality cooked ham obtained from large-sized pigs born, bred and slaughtered entirely in Italy, branded PP, the top quality Italian thighs destined for maturing. The thigh is treated with care in every detail by skilled craftsmen, in every phase of production the product is controlled by continuous technological avant-gardes that characterize the vocation of the Salumificio itself. The secret recipe includes completely natural aromas that enrich the cooked ham to make it unique. Slow cooking in the steam oven over 69 degrees to the heart completes and ends the Grancotto Pavarotti process.