Gran Cotto Pavarotti Glouton

Thigh of European pig, rigidly selected for size and weigh, delicately flavored with brine, slowly cooked in a steam mold.

A champion of traditional high delicatessen.

And here is the third master of the Grancotto Pavarotti line, the Glouton! This fine high-quality cooked ham is an iconic product of the Pavarotti production. Improved over the decades, Glouton is the result of the addition of three ingredients: refined raw materials, delicate aromas and company know-how. It’s obtained from heavy pork thighs of the highest quality, selected from the best European slaughterhouse. Is then boned and trimmed, salted by a light brine – without therefore obscuring the flavor of natural cooked ham – massaged for hours and cooked in a steam oven in its mold. All hays are constantly monitored by state-of-art technologies that guarantee complete product traceability. Grancotto Pavarotti Glouton, the real premium quality cooked ham!